Monday, April 27, 2009

new journal

2 weekends ago I lost another unfinished and neglected journal. (That's 3 strikes in a row for me.) Once I got home and realized that I had placed it on top of my car and drove off I punched myself in the head... pretty hard. I do that once in a while to keep myself in check.

But in all seriousness, I used to live in my journals. I would draw and paint all the time... sitting, walking, driving, going to the bathroom... and then all of a sudden I stopped drawing in them. I would use the excuse that I was 'too busy' to make myself feel ok. I was busier with life in general, but that wasn't the reason. I just became lazy. 3 years of laziness finally got to me which made me started drawing again... and then I lost my 'hands' journal 2 weekends ago.

So... here I am today. New journal appropriately titled. 1st entry. Refreshed perspective on journal keeping. I hope I don't lose this one because I made a promise to do something even more painfully horrible to myself if I do.


John-Paul Balmet said...

Thanks for commenting on the blog. I totally agree about sketchbooks. It seems for me that no matter what I'm doing at work, even the lamest drawing in my sketchbook somehow is more "real".

I look forward to more posts!

Zhang Jingna said...

Of course it's fine to link... it'd be my honour.

Looking forward to more of your updates :3

Dela Longfish said...

Ant' great to see you posting and drawing, as always looking hot.

Art Fan Ako said...

Sorry about your journal. I lost all my pictures 7 years ago when I moved and accidentally left them in a box. Hopefully you have some of them archived in your blog. Here's an encouragement for you to continue!

Randy Bantog said...

It's always fun to start a new sketchbook....I haven't worked in one for the last 2 years...I need to start too..

Chris Voy said...

Yeah Anthony, I hope you post more sketches! I love seeing them. Hopfully you wont ever lose another book -especially if you are going to punish yourself for it!! You do great work. Always inspires me to draw!