Sunday, October 24, 2010

arvo part

I was listening to this the other day and actually felt inspired to paint. So here you go.


Kan Muftic said...

Wow, a beautiful piece.

aermio said...

thanks kan.

Dela Longfish said...

Great piece man! Love the personality and emotion you rock without over doing the detail. Hot!

Chris Ocampo said...

dope couple of paintings ant.

let's grab lunch soon.

Jackson Sze said...

really interesting imagery Ermio!

aermio said...

thanks guys

kalonji said...

arvo part composition is definitly music for make such great piece like this one, BRAVO.



Armando said...

What can I say... simply FanTasTiCo!

Lazybone said...
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Lazybone said...

Dear Mr.Ermio

This is the editor of CGW (Creative Graphic World) Magazine, Beijing, China.

I knew your works via your website and got shocked by those amazing pictures.

So I'd like to introduce them to our readers in China.

So,We have an important object in our magazine,Name is “Sketchbook of Masters”.

Therefore, We want some of scan copy with some informations (Title/ Date/ Program/. etc.)

from your recent works ,And one of your recent photo. Would you send them to us?

Thank you for your support!

Best wishes!

Yours Axl Chen

Andre Kirk said...

Fantastic work Anthony! Love it and keep them coming.

aisha said...

wow i love your unique little creatures. Looking at them really helps start the creative juices.
Cool stuff.
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Nicholas Hong said...

love your lighting on each delicate painting!